Learn 7 Steps to uncovering your body’s underlying health issues. These steps are logical and build on each other. To follow these steps involves “unpeeling” of the onion and identifying the layers of your body’s health issues. Through lab tests we can best identify where the imbalances are. Otherwise you are guessing.

Once you have this information, it is time to review lifestyle, dietary and nutritional supplement choices to see where changes may need to be made.

It is true that the foundations of good health are eating right, exercising and good sleep. However, this is a pretty simplistic, general view that doesn’t account for the uniqueness of who you are. For instance, one person’s super food may be another’s poison. And, many of the 7 step issues impact your sleep and your ability to exercise.

These 7 steps have to do with the basic inner workings of your body. Once the 7 steps have been addressed, then eating in balance for your body and having an active lifestyle will produce stellar results.

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