Clear Detox Pathways

Step One: Clear your detox pathways.

We are exposed to poisons at seemingly every turn in life from our food, to the air we breathe, to the outgassing of products we buy for our homes, to our body care products and cleaning products. The fact is if you cannot get rid of toxins out of your body, you cannot be well. Toxins interfere with the normal workings of your body chemistry. It is usually a slow downward spiral in health and hard to pin your symptoms on any one toxic exposure. It is an additive effect. The key is to support the body’s ability to process the poisons and put them into a form that can be excreted. The list of symptoms due to internal body toxicity is so large I cannot list it here but two big ones are fatigue and overweight. This step addresses the fact that no matter how much or little toxins you have been exposed to, if they don’t have a clear unobstructed pathway to leave your body, it will disturb your body’s chemistry. This will eventually produce unwanted health issues whether or not you have symptoms. All of the top major chronic diseases of today like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disease all have strong links to toxicity.

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