About Dr.Terry Trinka OD, CN

Terry Trinka has studied extensively in the fields of vision and health.  After receiving a Bachelor of science from University of Illinois, he went on to graduate from the Illinois College of Optometry as a Doctor of Optometry. Terry furthered his education by obtaining a degree as a Certified Nutritionist.

In addition, he is a Syntonic optometrist and a member of the College of Syntonic Optometry. This is a group of dedicated doctors who use specific frequencies of light to help many health, learning and eye conditions. 

Terry is a neurological optometrist and a member of NORA (Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Organization) who uses his neurological background to help people with concussion and brain injuries.  He works with patients in the Denver, Colorado area and around the United States. 

Terry has studied with the top clinicians in the country in numerous areas including thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity, blood chemistry interpretation, and gastro intestinal imbalances.

In helping people with health challenges, I have a few overriding principles:

-Empower people with education to help people be conscious of the health choices they make.

-Respect where people are at in their process of health discovery.

-Look for the mechanisms of why a person has a health challenge. 

These principles form the basis of my interaction with people in trying to help them with their health. 

I am passionate about educating people about the details of what interferes with their body’s natural inclination to be healthy.

I enjoy hiking with my family and living in the natural beauty of the mountains yet living close enough to Denver to take advantage of its cultural opportunities. 

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