Blood Sugar Control

A Key to Health

Many people do not pay attention to mixture of carbs fats and protein in their meals and snacks, but they should.

Significant shifts in blood sugar and therefore insulin pave the way for many ailments that plague Americans today.

Most often, these shifts come from the wrong combination of carbs and protein in the meal you just ate. Typically, there is an emphasis on carbs at the expense of protein and good fats.

This is exactly the dietary action that produces hormonal issues, cardiovascular problems and the road to diabetes.

This is exactly the recommendation given to the public by the government and “nutritional authorities” for the past 40 years.

Fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar are the underpinnings of miserable female cycles, lowered testosterone in men, and plaque formation in arteries leading to blockages that manifest as strokes and heart attacks.  Along with that, diabetes is clearly increasing year after year.

Check out these stats from a recent study conducted by the American Diabetes Association:

The American Diabetes Association released new research on March 22, 2018 estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $327 billion in 2017 from $245 billion in 2012, when the cost was last examined.

This figure represents a 26 percent increase over a five-year period.

Also, there are more than 30 million Americans that have diabetes and over 80 million that have pre diabetes.

Every day 4,110 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes. Today, 295 people will have a limb amputated because of diabetes and 137 people will go on end stage kidney disease treatment (dialysis) because of diabetes.

That is not sustainable and will bankrupt our healthcare system.

It is clear that people need to think about their carb/protein intake before they eat.

A simple shift in thinking and action can go a long way toward preventing this.

People who have too low of blood sugar are labeled hypoglycemic while people with too high of blood sugar are pre-diabetic or diabetic. A simple blood test can tell you where you are on this scale. **Feel free to contact us for a simple way to get the most accurate blood biomarkers for your blood sugar status.

Another way to tell your blood sugar status is your symptoms. Hypoglycemic people generally feel better after eating and a hyperglycemic person feels tired.

A little lesson on carbs:  Assuming you are eating real food not something picked off of the Cheetos bush, or the Snickers tree, there are 4 categories of carbs:

  1. Grains
  2. Underground root vegetables
  3. Fruits
  4. Above ground vegetables

The key is this: The first three tend to elevate blood sugar quickly and need to be balanced with enough protein to slow down the rush of glucose and to promote the hormone that works in opposition to insulin, which is glucagon.

The last mentioned carb, above ground vegetables, have considerably lowered potential to change blood sugar status quickly and can be eaten with considerably lower amounts of protein.

The idea is balance carbs with protein but not too much protein.

Many people drink a smoothie for breakfast and put all kinds of great fruits and vegetables in it. However, when analyzed, there is far too much carb and too little protein to balance your physiology.

An easy solution is a high quality protein powder added to the smoothie to even out the protein carb ratio.  Not all protein powders are made equal and many of them are of poor quality that irritate the immune system

One of our products of the month is Pea Protein Isolate from Biotics which provides 15 servings per container and contains 21 grams of protein per serving.  It is an organic, non-GMO, and gluten free source of plant protein with an excellent amino acid profile.

This is suitable for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Try adding it to your breakfast smoothie to even out the carb hit which elevates blood sugar quickly and is likely for most fruit/vegetable smoothies.

The most often reported result is that, when a high-quality protein powder is added, people can go longer before getting hungry again.

And, especially for hypoglycemic (low blood sugar people) protein in the morning is absolutely huge for eliminating the myriad of symptoms and signs of low blood sugar.

In addition, we have 2 fabulous products for the regulation of blood sugar. You can measure your blood sugar stability by your lab results, your symptoms or both.

The first is fabulous product is called Glysen.

This is one of the most effective products on the market for helping to lower blood sugar, supporting sugar metabolism, and buffering the effect of too many carbs eaten previously. This formula has meticulously selected herbs, vitamins and minerals along with plant based enzymes and high potency anti-oxidants.

The second is Bioglycozyme Forte. This product provides phenomenal help for people who have chronically lowered blood sugar. Blood sugar stability is dependent on a host of factors that involve vitamins, minerals and certain amino acids.

All good blood sugar products whether they aim to address high or low blood sugar, have certain basic elements:

B vitamins:  Imbalanced blood sugar metabolism can be linked to low B1 status, in studies, diabetic mice were shown to be riboflavin(B2) deficient and over 25 % of human diabetics had below normal serum B6. Vitamin B12 is thought to assist in the normalization of blood sugar as is Biotin and Pantothenic acid, all B vitamins.

Antioxidants: Vitamin A C and E as well as lipoic and n-acetyl cysteine are all antioxidants. Altered levels of blood sugar produce dangerous molecules called free radicals that destroy tissues. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and protect

your tissues from harm.

Minerals: Magnesium deficiency is the most common mineral deficiency in America and magnesium deficiency plays a role in insulin resistance a common blood sugar imbalance. Potassium is right behind magnesium in deficiencies and when low exhibits higher blood glucose.

Trace minerals: Vanadium and Chromium are critical co factors in enzymes that speed up reactions to stabilize blood sugar levels. Chromium magnifies the effect of insulin and vanadium increases insulin sensitivity. Zinc is low in the standard American diet and low zinc levels affect your ability to handle glucose. Also low manganese status has been shown to cause irregular cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin and abnormal tolerance to glucose.

In addition, Glysen has a superhero blood sugar herb called Gymnema.

Gymnema has many impressive health benefits but is most known for its effect on blood sugar. In the Hindu language it is called gurmar which literally means “sugar destroyer”.

Check out these benefits:

-reduces sugar cravings by blocking the sugar receptors on your tongue

-helps lower blood sugar by blocking intestinal receptors for glucose thus lowering after meal blood sugar spikes.

– increases insulin production which lowers blood sugar and also helps regenerate the cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin.

That’s impressive!

The second product is BioGlycozyme Forte.

BioGlycozyme Forte achieves its stellar results by the use of a full micronutrient array to provide steady blood sugar.  In addition, it uses an ancient strategy called glandular therapy, proven again and again to improve function of the certain tissues. The idea is to give small amounts of a gland in a nutritional formula to help the function of that gland in a person.

In this case, the hormonal glands (the pancreas, adrenals and the pituitary glands) have enormous effects on blood sugar control as well as the liver and the intestinal tract.  Accordingly, there are trace elements of all of these tissues in Bioglycozyme Forte.  This is part of why this formula is so effective.

For a limited time, we are offering 10% off of these three products:

Bioglycozyme forte


Pea Protein Isolate

Take control of your blood sugar balance and reap the benefits:

Improved energy

Clearer thinking

More regular female cycles

Decreased cardiovascular risk

All the benefits of improved testosterone levels

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To your Good health,


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